Monday, January 16, 2012

If the Beanie Look Works for Meb...

....perhaps it will work for me!!

SweatVac has come on board as the headwear sponsor of the Endurance Films Racing Team. Check out the beanie...just like Meb!!

It's timely too because the temps have dropped and my cute fleece hats from last year's Old Navy collection have been leaving me feeling like I am wearing a wet washcloth on my head by the end of a run.

The SweatVac gear is a big step up, wicking, and comfy.  And look how fierce I look (ok maybe not). The beanie and ear band were embroidered before they were stitched together so there is none of that stiff, rough, itchy back-of-embroidery stuff on your head. I can fit the ear band and the beanie under my bike helmet. The ear band of course works solo or under a running cap too!

The beanie and sunglasses look carried Meb to a win in the Olympic Marathon Trials. (And maybe his legs and mental toughness played a small part too.) Something tells me I couldn't pull off this look quite as well as Meb. When you are that fast, you can wear whatever you want!!

How about those Olympic Marathon Trials though? WOW!! I was betting on/hoping for Shalane, Desi, and Kara and they pulled it off!! That is an incredibly strong team on both the men's and women's sides and I have high hopes for them in London. My heart broke for the fourth place runners and it took such courage for them to finish as strong as they did.