Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crop Circles for Runners: Flower Power

Ramping up for Richmond requires a number of "long runs" and today was the day of the 20-miler. Some time ago, I got this idea for a run of multiple loops emanating from a central point, allowing for refueling between. Jake put together the route, which is now called the "flower" route, or "flower power" as I like to call it. It was indeed fun to run three distinct loops.

Jake joined me on the third loop and it was nice to get some encouragement over those last miles. But I'm afraid I wasn't too much fun. By about mile 17 I had to tell him I couldn't concentrate on anything but the 5 feet in front of me and laying that next step down. So he ran in silence and I listened to the same song, whatever it was, over and over on the iPod. When I get that tired, even the "wrong" song can annoy me, so best not to change anything at that point.

It was a gorgeous morning with a clear blue sky. I ran the first loop with my bright yellow jacket and gloves, but after that I was down to a tank and shorts, running free, just like I like it!

I had water bottles planted at the far ends of each loop or "petal" but I couldn't find the one on the second loop. I was half asleep this morning when I deposited them, so who knows!!

Here's my run data -

And the route. A runner's version of crop circles!