Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010 Virginia Triathlon Series Standings

I raced in five events in the Virginia Triathlon Series, the minimum number to be eligible for a series-end award. As I understand it, and I am probably oversimplifying, points are awarded primarily on how you do compared to the average times of the top 5 finishers. There are probably close to 20 races spread throughout the state, so it's hard to gauge how you compare to the full group of athletes in your age group until it's all tallied.

I discovered today that I ended up in 4th out of the Master's (40+) women. Yes, I'm pleased and humbled. Mostly I am reminded that I do this simply because I love the training and the racing and the community of athletes. The same can be said of Coach Jim, who finished 3rd in the men's master division, just barely edged out of 2nd.

My goal this year was to race in five races and do my best.  I raced happy, healthy, and strong, with three sprints and two olympic distance races under my belt. I got stronger and more confident swimming in open water. My kids are running, working out, and finding joy in moving their bodies. It's a winning direction for all of us!