Sunday, March 29, 2009

22 miler and other milestones

Yesterday was the 22-miler. Though I feared really bad weather, it ended up being pretty mild but with a steady mist of sorts that left me wet but not cold. It was perfect running weather! In fact, just read that the ideal running temperature, in terms of fastest race times, is 41 degrees. I believe that.

It all went well, and I met up with another marathon-training friend who also had a 22-miler. I ran with her from miles 15-20, providing a nice break and change of pace. She is one of those who tells it like it is and we had great conversation the whole time including this one. Me: "I still can't believe I have a trainer, I never ever thought I would be one of those people." Her (and she's a trainer): "Well, it's like I tell people, you CAN color your own hair at home, or you can pay a professional." Enough said!!

This is the first time that my stomach held up well. I drank about 5 oz of the Xtend/Carb Slam mix that Jake concocted every 4 or 5 miles and that sustained me. Afterward I had a mocha and whole wheat bagel with peanut butter at the coffee shop where I parked the car and I just came down off the run before returning home. I felt pretty good the rest of the day and today I just feel normal. Better, in fact, than I think I have in a while. Maybe I'm coming down off the stress of school a bit as the end of the semester fast approaches.

Today we met for a bench workout and my expectations were pretty modest as my arms were still sore from Friday's session. Surprisingly, I managed two sets of 115lbs for three reps. For the first time I see the 135 bench as very doable in the next few months. That is something I never really mastered in my early 20s so to do it now would be a real testament to the value of smart training...and a smart trainer.

One last comment - I have NOT been recording food and have NOT been a clean eater. The stress of the past week+ did me in and I engaged in evening snacking to stay awake and finish what needed to be finished. Excuses, excuses. Back on the wagon..........