Saturday, February 28, 2009

VT Bench Press Competition

Today was the bench press competition and it was a very well-run meet in War Memorial Gym on the VT campus. I was very satisfied with my efforts, opening with 105, then 115, then finishing with a personal best of 120 that I had not been able to get in the gym prior. I weighed in the night before at 119 so I can say I benched my bodyweight.

So now I am determined to work toward a solid 135 lb bench. I was never able to get that in a meet WITH the assistance of a compression bench shirt, so I'd like to finally achieve that goal "raw". I am giving it a year, but JRP predicts by the end of the summer.

So now it's strange to look at my list of "upcoming competitions" and see only ONE on there. Granted it's a big one, but I need some intermediate goals and a few following. I know I want to do the Brush Mountain trail race again next fall, and I'd like to support BCC in the swim meets this summer, but I need to find a few other adventures along the way. No doubt, I will!!