Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Grown-Up Decision to Back Out of ITU Worlds

my $485 outfit

I have decided not to go to ITU Age Group Worlds in Cozumel this year. I will not fill my spot on Team USA that I earned at USAT Nationals in Chicago last year.

It was not an easy decision, but it was the right one.

It's been a challenging year, and most of it not relevant to my sporty blog. So, feel free to skip to the next paragraph if you don't want the details, or read on if you do. My mom was super sick last fall and my dad passed away unexpectedly in February. Then my mother-in-law's partner of 25+ years passed away in April; he was a beloved Grandfriend to our kids and lived nearby. My mom, sister, and I sold my mom and dad's family home, managed my mom's downsizing, and moved her into her new townhouse. There were changes at my husband's job and he's now working from home. Spencer was gone to Governor's School for the month of July. The new school year brought changes, opportunities, and challenges for both kids - now a sophomore and junior in high school. 

It's the stuff of life. But on overload. It's been hard. 

Through it all I have kept up training with minimal deviations. I always wondered how I'd handle sport if life got out of control. Now I know. Getting out to swim, bike, and run is important for me to handle the stress. I'm thankful for the structure and the solitary quiet time to think and re-center. Much to my surprise, I've raced OK too. 

The truth is, I procrastinated on committing to Cozumel. As an early planner, that was really odd for me. I paid the registration fee in March ($485 - includes the Team parade clothes), and I'd had a primo hotel room booked since January, but I had no flight booked. I didn't order a new uniform. After my dad died, I just kind of knew this was not the year for it.

To get to Cozumel was going to take two flight segments, a bus or taxi, and a ferry. Doing that with a bike box did not sound like fun. Shipping the bike both ways was going to be about $800 and take longer than a domestic shipment, and I was too late to get a rental tri bike. On top of it all, I would be racing at the top of my age group. I just couldn't justify the expense when weighed against my motivation level.

So I made the grown-up decision to pull the plug. I'm at peace with it, but after I made the decision I realized that three of our pro athletes from the fortyninegroup are going to be there - Summer Cook, Rudy Von Berg, and Joe Maloy. I'm more disappointed that I won't see them than I am about missing my own race!

This was the right decision for my own sense of balance and for what the kids and family need. But it still kind of sucks!!

I'm doing a local race next weekend and will focus on a solid training block for IRONMAN 70.3 North Carolina on October 22.

As I have often told others - the sport will always be there for us! It's OK to step out of a race, or a season, or a few seasons.

Fortunately Team USA will be there for me again next year in Rotterdam.

Highlights from Chicago's ITU Worlds: