Friday, February 27, 2015

2014 USA Triathlon Ranking

It appears the 2014 USAT rankings are finally final - long after the year is just a memory and the slate is wiped clean for 2015. It always feels a bit anticlimactic at this point. But it's still nice to see the fruits of a shortened tri season - a season I wasn't sure I'd even have at all.

So for the F45-49 age group, I finished 52nd out of 1906 ranked women in my age group - top 2.7% - good enough for All American, fifth year in a row! I see it as 51 reasons to train smart and work hard this year!

My highest ranking came in 2012 when I finished 28th and had a great race at the Age Group World Championship. Rankings are determined not only by your race finish, but also by the races you do. Longer races, championship races, and larger/more competitive races count for more. From that, your top three performances are averaged. My longest race (B2B half iron) and two national races were my top three points-getters. Just kind of interesting to see what earns what.

It's cool, numbers are fun, but the rewards that matter most to me and keep me coming back for more are intrinsic, non-quantifiable, and un-spreadsheet-able!

New year, new adventures!! We all just start from where we are...and frankly I'm feeling pretty good about where I am at the moment. Can't beat that.