Friday, November 7, 2014

Race wheels are off. It must be the off-season.

The race wheels are off, the transition bag has been put away. I am reporting in from the secret underworld of the "off-season!"

Nearly two weeks in, I have been oddly at peace doing very little. I have had no urges for epic adventures of years past like solo century rides. I'm OK with not having a plan and structure! This is how it has shaped up:

Week 1
I basically did nothing aside from one on-purpose walk and sleep-running the PI miler race. Saki and Trixie provide daily reminders of what it means to relax.

Week 2 
I woke up and decided what I felt like doing. That amounted to one spin (to watch new Portlandia episodes), one swim (to get back with the group), one run (on the Blacksburg High School cross country course after dropping kids off), one bike ride (commuted to town for a meeting then tooled around).

Week 3
Will be a general continuation of Week 2. I will resume with the swim group where we are spending November working on strokes and turns which should be fun!

Through the End of December
Coach Jim used the word "transitional" to describe the period through the end of December. I like that word better than off season.  Rather than a shut-down, it's more akin to a "palate cleanser!"

Whereas previously I was very impatient to start building for the next race season, this year I know my body, and even more so my brain, need a recharge. They will get that during this transitional time. Although the whole of my training and racing season was only five months long, it was extremely focused and intense with the lingering question of how the run would return.

Looking back on my now five full seasons of racing, I see that I do best when I can start up the season with that high energy and drive like I had in May. And I see that I can ramp up fairly quickly and don't need a 12-month season. So for now I plan to play a lot, and not let thoughts of racing creep in...

....except for the traditional Turkey Trot / Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving. But that is in costume so it counts as play :-)