Monday, September 15, 2014

Dear Apple, bring back the 6th gen iPod

Dear Apple,

I am typing through tears (ok, not really but VERY close) as I grieve the loss of my 6th gen iPod nano.

This is the iPod that carried me to a PR at the Boston Marathon (the one with the bombs). This iPod went to the hospital with me for artery surgery and accompanied me on many miles of walking/hiking rehab. This iPod has been with me through most all of my race training and on flights to big scary overseas races. On it, I have listened to countless podcasts (This American Life, Radio Lab, Porchlight, the Moth, Freakonomics, Babbittville Radio, Endurance Planet, What'ya Know, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, etc) and am a better person for it.

This is my second 6th gen iPod nano. I had to buy it from eBay because you stopped making it.

I love this exact iPod because it is small, it has a clip, and a screen that is just large enough for me to switch between music, podcasts, and occasionally the radio. Unfortunately, it's not waterproof, and one errant trip through the washing machine brought about its untimely demise.

If you were a runner, you would understand why it's important that it's small, has a clip, and a screen.

No, that dumb Shuffle does NOT suit a runner's needs. Athletes like information, data, displays, and feedback!

The newest nano is NOT for runners. There's no clip. It's not small. It's for the sedentary population.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that NO ONE in upper management in the iPod division runs (or exercises at all for that matter). If anyone did, the 6th gen form factor would be alive and well in the i-Family.

I am far from the only one who feels that Apple's iPod division is neglecting its athletic customers. Support and affection for the 6th generation is widespread.

If you'd like an adviser for the iPod division who has a PhD in Human Factors Engineering and is a runner and triathlete, let me know. I just might have someone to recommend ;-)

(By the way, my iPod is in rice, and prayers would be appreciated - for a miraculous iPod "healing" but more importantly for wisdom and the desire to run among iPod management)