Thursday, July 10, 2014

Race ready!

I am ready!

I feel strong and excited and ready to race. This is a lot different than last year at this time when I wrote of the races, "I should be able to make it through both runs."

What a difference a year makes.

Today was my final (short) brick workout, done with this audience of turkey vultures. Perhaps I can blame them for the "easy run" that I did way too fast. But it was as much as I could contain myself, feeling happy and grateful.

Yes, I AM ready!

I came across this article called "Learning to Trust Your Training" which is something Coach Jim instills in us. When you put in the consistent work over a period of time, race day is the chance to put it all together and squeeze that extra little bit out of yourself. I trust in my training, my fitness (not yet at peak, but that's OK), my mind, and my legs!

I always believe I can race to my potential, whatever that potential is. Why would anyone go into a race thinking otherwise?

One of my favorite little philosophical books on running is called the Elements of Effort, Reflections on the Art and Science of Running by John Jerome. There are so many pearls of wisdom, among them:
"Most of us, most of the time, have to have something to push against, even on the most cursory and ordinary runs. Fortunately for runners, there is never a shortage of adversaries: time, distance, the weather, the road, fatigue, the crest of the next hill."
I love having that thing to "push" against, and a double race weekend makes it even better.

Saturday: Colonial Beach Sprint Distance Triathlon
Sunday: Colonial Beach International Distance Triathlon


(Thank you Coach Jim!)