Thursday, October 24, 2013

Beach2Battleship Pre-Race Report

I am ready!!

Work done ahead. Family schedule set. Laundry finished and house in good order. Kid Halloween costume assembled. Rotted pumpkins replaced with store-bought plug-in kind. Car washed. Race book read and re-read. Bike tube changing practiced. Bike waxed.

Bar wrap ends retaped with "the good electrical tape" in white.
(Like the rider, recently it has been tending to unravel. The tape will hold till I redo it in the spring.)

Repair kit mounted in stealth mode! (Taped the CO2 cartridges behind my bottle cage, and I wired the valve to the bottom.)

Spare tube stowed beneath seat.

Packing complete.
(All the stuff for race day -including breakfast- plus the bike and pump. The giant bag in the middle is what I'll wear to the swim start - hoodie, jacket, hat, gloves, heavy pants, kid's old shoes. It all gets collected and donated. I am not taking a chance on being cold with temps in the 40's while waiting to swim.)

Sherpa hired. (Spotted this in Kroger parking lot!)


As is usually the case, I am a little frenzied at the moment and my brain is not yet in race mode, but the drive to Wilmington will take care of that! It'll be nice to get off the "crazy express" for a few days. I am feeling no pressure and just happy for the chance to have one last race this year, one that is longer and, one that calls for a different gear and strategy. I'm running happier and healthier than I have in months and I feel well prepared to have a solid and fun race. I've put in the time, the miles, and the effort so yeah...

I am ready!!

Have a great rest of your week!!