Friday, July 12, 2013

Double-header weekend ahead

I'm packed and ready for a five-hour drive to Colonial Beach Virginia to race in the Sprint on Saturday and Olympic on Sunday. That "selfie" pic was from a training ride this week in my original trisuit that I wore from my second race up until I was selected for the Endurance Films Racing Team. With the old van gone, I'm clinging to all things nostalgic! That's a sure sign of getting old, lol!

Yesterday I had one of those total "shut-down" days where the body just said "enough." I had the warning signs of throat/cough/sinus that if I didn't just back off I was headed for trouble. So I hung out in my PJs, took several naps, ate good healthy food, canned the short workouts, and never left the house. I feel good this morning so I must have turned it around in time. This time. But I know this is yet another indication that I need more rest in general and need to take better care.

I had some improved runs this week so although my quad is not perfect, it's definitely better and I should be able to make it through both runs.

I'm pretty excited to drive the new(er) van we just got to the race. The bike fits nicely inside and I took it out for its first go as a "mobile transition unit" this week. I'm most excited that I can listen to podcasts now through the stereo instead of illegally driving with my iPod and earbuds like I used to do. I do miss all the interesting quirks of the old van though - the spastic door locking actuator, the separate keys for ignition/door, the dim headlights, the radio display you couldn't actually see, the wiggly hatchback latch, the doors you had to slam, the wipers that would fly off, the oil leak, the multi-pack of replacement hubcaps required, hanging out with the mechanics on a regular basis.... Ah, good times!

I transferred my ID tag to the new key. I hesitate to use the word "key" but whatever. This is my tip of the day -- get the tiny cat ID tags inscribed with your phone number and attach it to your key. If you ever lose it on a run or bike (as I have) it can be easily returned (as it has been).

As I was writing I found this photo from earlier in the week -- it's of an egg baked in an avocado half. (The other had been eaten already.) I subscribe to tri pro Lauren Goss' newsletter and I decided to try this recipe she had included. I didn't have the sun dried tomatoes it calls for, but even so, the combo of the egg and avocado with a little salt and pepper was incredibly good. I baked them in the toaster oven for 25 minutes at 350. This one was actually my son's, he gave it two thumbs up too. Afterward we ate handfuls of blueberries we had picked the evening before.

That's my random report! Have a great weekend, everyone!