Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10 days till first tri of the season. Things to do:

(Photo shows the Smith Mountain Lake race venue from my kayak trip the following day!)
  • Get race wheels trued and put on bike because without a third arm I can't seem to do it
  • Ask if they need new tubes/tires?
  • Decide what shoes to race in
  • Put Xtenex laces in chosen running shoes
  • Decide. Socks? No socks? Socks? No socks? (every year the same debate)
  • Swim in open water
  • Brace self for cold lake (repeat often: "It's not as cold as Auckland")
  • Wear wetsuit and hope small rip does not get bigger
  • Check supply of Body Glide
  • See if I can get wetsuit off over new gigantic Garmin watch
  • Figure out how that "multisport" mode works on the Garmin
  • Mental rehearsal of triathlon to reduce odds of doing something really dumb
  • Remember how to go fast
  • Invite the pain
  • Practice mounting and dismounting bike
  • Find packing list from last year. it worked.
  • Break out the new goggles
  • Figure out food/entertainment/packing for family triathlon "weekend" away
  • Ignore brain that asks, "i forget, why do you do this?"
Remember that feeling of racing. Of chasing. Of passing. Of hurting. Of questioning. Of wanting. Of finishing.

Feel the smile grow on your face.

Go have fun. Knock off the rust! Enjoy the lake and your friends.