Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pushing off the wall

This morning I enjoyed a good swim workout, arriving at the pool just as full morning light was filtering in through the aquatic center windows and skylights, around 7 am. There were just a few folks there so I had a lane to myself. These are the consecutive working sets that left me happy, tired, and satisfied with my efforts:

3 x 200 (3:34 + 0:25 RI)
4 x 100 (1:47 + 0:10 RI)
8 x 50 @ 25 easy, 25 powerful and FAST! (on 1:05 cycle)

The intervals were tight and challenging for me. Each time I had to leave the wall before I thought I was ready, but each time I did just that. It was tough, I felt squeezed and pushed close to my limit, but I made it. Discipline to leave the wall. Faith to carry me.

Kind of a neat metaphor for life I guess. The hardest thing sometimes is pushing off that wall before you are ready, but in reality, "ready" as we may define it, as we think it must be, may never come. Have a little faith and push off that wall before you feel ready and have faith that you'll muster what's needed.