Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Double-header weekend

This weekend was positively glorious - mild and sunny. I had just wrapped up a big conference and was feeling fabulous and ready for some adventures.

Saturday I set out for a longer run, gunning for about 13 miles at a conservative pace. My goal was to keep my heart rate lower than it usually is to prove to myself I could hold back. Anyway, the problem was I had a haircut scheduled for 9:00 and needed to meet Jake at the gym at 10:30 so to fit in the 13, I had to either start really early to leave time to get home and shower, or wait till 11ish and blow a bunch of the day I could spend with the kids. So I set out around 7:15 and planned a course that would go by the hair salon. Wouldn't you know, I arrived by 9:05, my normal 5 minutes late! I realized later how lucky I was that it did work out considering I didn't stop to figure out the distance/time/pace required. It turned out I did 12 miles pre-haircut, than did a long route back to the gym adding on another 4. There is something pretty empowering about running purposely to an authentic destination!!

Sunday was not quite so epic, but I did do a 25ish mile bike loop that included a stop at the Blacksburg Rec Center to hear some friends who were talking about sports nutrition type products. From there it was a quick bike ride home, flying down Harding as fast as I trusted myself to go given all the residual gravel from the winter.

I cleaned up the bike pretty good and put it back on the trainer where I rode tonight. The weather was enticing, but the schedule did not allow for a ride in the reasonable daylight. Plus I was too lazy to clean the bike up again. Sad, but true!!