Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter training

Back in October, Anne Jones, who has a triathlon coaching business, posted on Facebook, "Next summer's victories begin now." I was reminded of this last week, when I put in an hour of running in the pre-dawn darkness that was further shrouded by a very cold and steady rain. I told Jake I thought I deserved "bonus points" for such a run! To that he replied, "You ought to be grateful. Mornings like this I call separation days. How many of your competitors do you think stayed in bed this morning because of the weather? Because you still worked out you put a greater separation between yourself and everyone else. Be grateful."

My only objective right now is to make those small but consistent deposits in the strength and endurance bank. There is no "cramming" in sport. And at the right time, I'll be cashing in on those deposits!!

....but you know I still think I deserve those bonus points for the dark, cold, rainy run ;-)