Thursday, September 3, 2009

Goal: Normalize, Schedule-ize

Week TWO of the semester and I'm starting to get a feel for what is going to be doable and how to squeeze things in without compromising work or family.
  1. I got a locker and towel service at War Memorial, which is halfway between my office and Torgersen (my class) So I can stop by there T/H and get a 40 min swim workout in.
  2. Gym workouts are moving to 5:30 M/W/F. The kids will already be at the gym so their fabulous Oma has agreed to pick them up there while I get my session in.
  3. And of course I like running at 6 am, which limits interference with kids and family.
  4. Cycle rides I can do on the trainer in the garage either early AM or evening.
So far, so good. Well, I need to work on getting more sleep. One day at a time, one week at a time, and keep it FUN.

The latest Triathlon magazine had a sports psychology article in it dealing with motivation and digging below the superficial reasons people give for participating in multisport competition. So what are my reasons? Well, I'm thinking this through as I type but I would have to say for me it about the structure and discipline, the required focus, and the mental effort to push myself and to adhere to a specific workout plan. I love to sweat and huff and puff and think I can't make it but then do!! I like the time alone and the fact that there is no way to multitask during workouts. I enjoy the confidence it brings, and the way I feel, and the way I look. I like buying clothes in size small (except for my shoes, bigfoot there!). I am proud of my cardio fitness, my low blood pressure (it was 90/70 last week), my strength, and my work ethic. I enjoy the journey toward a goal, the nerves and buildup to a race, then putting it all on the line for race day. I enjoy the feeling of success - whether in a workout, making a good food choice, or having a strong race. There is a freedom that comes with knowing I am an athlete and not simply wishing I were in shape or exercising.

I love the challenge of committing to a goal that my head questions, but my heart embraces. I have faith that I will do the work required to be successful. I have faith in the wisdom of my trainer and coach and the soundness of their plans. On race day my faith shores up my body and allows me to turn the screws a little tighter to give it more than I knew I had.

Faith. FAITH. faith.