Friday, June 19, 2009

Training starts Monday

Well, I got my first set of training plans from Jim (  WOW.  I appreciate the detailed and I think fairly aggressive approach.  The bike rides are of a good duration (1-1.5 hrs) and the swims ramp up nicely. 

The good thing is all the past training plans from Jake have prepared me well for that inevitable feeling of "oh crap, how in the world am I going to do all that?" I recognize that if I looked at the plans and went "oh yeah, that's easy" there'd be no point. There's an incredible sense of accomplishment simply meeting the training schedule and that confidence inevitably carries over to the race. 

In fact, yesterday Grant and I had an interesting conversation. He wanted to know what the easiest job was thinking he might like to do whatever that is.  I had to explain how easy and fun/rewarding are mutually exclusive and fun comes from the challenges we face.

One compromise, we are cutting back my gym time to 3x/week for the next 9 weeks.  I had to let go of our sacred Sunday morning sessions which have been the one constant all year.  It's just temporary.

Lots of new adventures ahead.  I want to push hard but train smart for the next nine weeks and just see what I can do.  I'm picturing myself at the finish of that triathlon - smiling and triumphant!