Sunday, December 31, 2017

GoodBYE 2017!!!

I closed out my training year by showing this wintery day that I was tougher than it.

It was 18 degrees when I started my 140 minute ride. And a balmy 19 when I finished. 

During that ride, I had some very happy and comfortable periods, some tough patches, and a few times that my hands were so cold I really thought about bailing. But I kept on pedaling, and I am so thankful that I stuck it out on my coldest ride ever!! I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Speaking of "wouldn't have changed a thing," a friend of mine posted that recently in reference to her very tough year. I read her words and paused, contemplating. In 2017 I got through a long overdue divorce. It hasn't been easy, but I had to get through it at some point. So yeah, I would not change a thing.  Just like my bike ride, this year there were some very happy and comfortable periods and some tough patches, but I got through it. I have come a long way in the last twelve months and I am excited for a new year!

This year has been FULL TILT crazy with the German exchange program, college applications (we are down to just one more), a new dog, job change, some trips with the kids, life....oh and training and racing!

I'm pretty proud that I was able to keep up my training and race decently this year. I finished as a USAT All American for the 8th year in a row, was Long Course Duathlon National Champion (age group), did three local triathlons, finishing 1st overall and third overall (twice), and was 19th at the ITU Grand Final (F50-54). I finished four road races, coming 4th overall at the Varmint Half, and 2nd overall at the Health Focus Distance Run 10k. And I did the Mountains of Misery Century for my first time. 

Yearly volumes:
  • 2856 bike miles
  • 823 run miles
  • 123 swim miles
I am VERY grateful to my coach, Jim McGehee, and my training pals for rallying 'round me. I am typically a solo trainer, but I really leaned on friends this year and logged some wonderful miles with my pal Janet!! 

My goals for the coming year are to simplify, slow down, and take a little more down time. I hope that doesn't sound selfish. I started over the holidays. I read a book my son recommended to me (Never Let Me Go), did a puzzle with the kids, went to a movie with a kid (Lady Bird - very good!!), and met friends out. It was wonderful!

I'm also ready for consistent training. I ran a personal worst 5K on Christmas Eve...but in all fairness, it was on the heels of two months of low and erratic training volume (three trips in a month didn't help there). It's at least reassuring to know that the training pays off, and not-training doesn't! Incidentally...this will be another total short-course year for me. That's what I enjoy the most and what my life can realistically sustain.

I also want to get back to writing for me, which is why it was so important, on New Year's Eve, to sit down and get ONE more blog post out before the end of 2017!!  I am so grateful that my energy and creativity have an outlet through my work, but I miss doing my own writing.

So here it is, the last evening of 2017. 

I hear the conversation of half a dozen happy teenage boys in the basement and I'm so glad we are the gathering spot! 

I see our content doggo sleeping on his bed in front of me. (The cat just finished licking his head.)

I smell the chocolate chip cookies and the bacon (not shown) for the club sandwiches.

My legs feel the satisfaction of a long ride.

We are warm. We are fed. We are challenged and motivated. Everyone in this house is loved, and everyone in his house loves.

I am content (well, personally, not politically). I am ready for the New Year.

Welcome 2018!!

Happy New Year my friends!!