Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Move the brain and the body

Most of the day, my brain moved FAST and my body was quiet.

At the end of the day, I let my body move FAST and my brain was quiet. 


My life is pretty much full tilt from 5 am to 10 pm but I think what makes it doable is that the mind and body trade off. They each get exercised, and they each get rest. It is my personal formula for "work/life balance." They are complementary and symbiotic.

Today was a typical example. I started with our coached group swim then it was a solid day in front of the computer with lots of "gear switching" - newsletters, writing, websites, spreadsheets, email, phone calls, and organizing. All good, I love LOVE my work and the awesome folks I get to support, but after a while - you know - the computer just feels a little toxic.

Around 5:45 pm I headed out for a 30 minute spin squished in before dinner duty. I felt like I was bursting out the door for recess and I'm sure it was one of my fastest work-to-bike transitions.

The adult in me moved aside and let the kid take over. Six years in and the rush of flying on my bike is no less exciting. I get those "kid" moments swimming and running too.

I came home energized, bubbling over with happy, and ready to finish the day strong.

Making time each day to be active isn't "selfish." It's important that the body and the mind each get their time to shine. It's important to get outside and to play.

Daily I am grateful for the gifts and lessons of our sport.