Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Training stats for first half of 2015

My graph-loving self did a mid-year check in on training stats! It's nice to see such consistency across the year. That was nearly threatened by a sudden issue with my anterior tibialis last week but I got right on it, had some ART work done, and seemed to turn it around. I'm still being a little cautious and it was a wake-up call to get back to stretching and rolling.

I am averaging about 8-1/2 hours of training per week. That surprises me a bit. It feels like more than that, but on the other hand, it fits pretty comfortably into my life. I guess this also speaks to the idea of quality over quantity, particularly since I am focusing on sprint and Olympic racing this year. There is a fair amount of intensity in my workouts and it seems to be working out OK in terms of racing.

I share this always with the caveat that training is a very individual thing and needs to be appropriate to one's goals and one's life. What is right for me may not be right for you.

Truly what I like about these bar charts is the fact that there are no empty weeks! That is a huge win for sure!

Happy training :-)