Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Race Report in Haiku: Colonial Beach Double

Left off the bib list
Forgot to pre-register
Good thing spots were left

Two tris, one weekend
Downpours for the sprint race first
Clear for Olympic

Grey wet gloomy sky
A triathlete rain or shine
Sunny in my heart

Next rainy race day
For both the swim and the bike
I will wear goggles

We push each other
Get the most out of ourselves
Happy contentment

No legs on day two
Lazy, asleep on the job
Where are you, I asked

I see it ahead
Arch of the finish line calls
Dig deep and let fly

Only five seconds
From the master's podium
Run faster next time

Apologies to Haiku "purists". I've allowed myself to use the liberal 5-7-7 fourth-grade version. My blog, my rules. Haha.