Friday, April 24, 2015

Life on wheels

I've gone four days now without a tow truck in my life! Things are good! After the pre-race mini-van breakdown, I was without my "portable transition unit" for a week. One PCM module and one Wireless Ignition Node later, I thought I was back in business.

Two days later, the battery light came on. I tried to limp back to the dealership, but the wheels stopped turning and I had a "DNF". AAA to the rescue...again. (I am a BIG fan of AAA...get the Plus version though with further towing options) Now I have a new alternator, which was maybe the source of the problems to begin with, and I hope I am good to go for a while now!

deja vous

The rest of my wheeled escapades have been going well. The miracle of miracles - the lawnmower worked first time out, and none of the wheels fell off (yes, we've had that issue). Despite having two teenage lawnmower operators in the house, I opted to mow for the "zen" of it, even though I still believe grass is stupid for many environmental reasons.

The bike "wheels" are great, with a new rear tube and tire from the race flat, and spring cycling is the BEST. I had an impromptu ride with my friend Eric who was in town for the day and I explored some new-to-me routes with my still race sticker-ed helmet. Doh!

The sights and scenes on our back roads of SW Virginia just can't be beat!

In terms of my personal mental "wheels" -- well they are always on the verge of coming off! LOL!

It's never easy to fit the training into the parental working life. Last week was nearly 13 hours of training across 11 sessions - factor in all the before and after, preparing, getting to and from, and it was probably close to 20 hours. 

Yesterday was unusual with three workouts - a morning swim, a mid-day hour long negative split run, and an evening trip to the gym. I asked Coach Jim if that was deserving of a gold star. And I got one!!

In all the hustle and distraction of life, I realized last night I had not yet signed up for my next race that is in 8 days! Oops! So now I am signed up for my May & June races. 

I'm hoping for some smooth cruising for a bit now - with all my wheels!