Friday, March 7, 2014

Back at it, why not

I made it through my three-day post-procedure no training "probation period". I didn't really mind because I was surprisingly tired and slept awesomely for 9 or 10 hours at night rather than my usual 6 fitful hours. I'm not sure what left me so tired, probably going a whole 13 hours without food on Monday, lol.

I passed the time over the last few days by working, participating in some solar advocacy related activities for Solar Connexion and Solarize Blacksburg, and watching the beautiful color-changing rainbow of bruising on my groin which I have found oddly fascinating.

In reality I am no different than I was a week ago, so it was back to "training" or whatever you call it when you are just not sure when you are racing next. I guess I am "working out." I won't call it "exercising" - that sounds too pointless.

I just thought this picture was really funny!

I felt a little bad asking Coach Jim to go ahead and fill in my schedule on my road to nowhere just to keep me busy until we know more. But after 20+ years of coaching, he's been through this cycle with lots of athletes (and with me multiple times) and he always seems to know exactly what to say and do and how to handle us.

To be clear, I'm not brooding, or feeling bad. I can do so much (just not run fast, or far, or up hills, or climb a lot of stairs, or stand on the bike long, or have full feeling in my toes on my left foot during or after I bike or run). I have nothing to complain about. Zero. That said, I have appreciated the encouragement and hearing from others who have encountered similar challenges.

So anyway yesterday it was a happy return with a 40 minute spin with spin-ups and then some upper-body TRX work at the gym with DeWayne. I hadn't done a whole TRX circuit before so I appreciated the change-up and the challenge. I am glad both arms remained safely in their sockets throughout. 

 (stock pic showing some TRX)

Today I'll do an easy, flat treadmill run and hit the Vasa Swim Ergometer. (Yet another time the Swim Erg comes to the rescue since the puncture means I can't get back in the pool till next week.) Saturday it will be a long bike ride.

So yeah, back at it, why not? Work with what ya got, and I've still got plenty!