Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: XX2i France 1 Pro Racing Optics

I am the happy recipient of a pair of France 1 Pro Racing glasses from XX2i as part of an upcoming project.

I would argue that my current cycling glasses, that are probably circa 2010, are just fine. Maybe not "fine" but comfortable enough. OK, maybe not comfortable at all but "serviceable." By "serviceable" I mean they do not fall off my face and do not leave too large a dent in the right side of my nose where the rubber pad has fully disintegrated.

It seems I have become one of those people who hesitates to buy new things. So it was good these came my way when they did!

When I opened the box with the glasses it pretty much exploded with accessories...extra lenses, cases, extra screws, screw driver, different color temples and nose pieces, holder, pouches, etc. They pretty much thought of everything.

So here are some of my impressions of the France 1 Pro Racing Optics. These glasses are comfortable for cycling and running (they are not quite so useful for swimming). They are lightweight, they stay put, and are comfortable. I like the frameless bottom, and the tops don't obstruct my vision when I am in the aero position on the bike.
    They are also customizable with different colored lenses, nose pieces, and temple covers. There is one other way they are customizable, perhaps a way XX2i had not really thought of. The temples (side pieces) felt long for me, so I removed the interchangeable rubber covers (they require some twisting to take off and put on), trimmed a bit off the metal with wire trimmers, trimmed the cover, and reinstalled it. Voila...perfect fit!

    I'm still partial to a photo-chromatic lens that changes automatically, but they don't give you the clarity on foggy days like you get with the yellow lenses.

    I'm off to ride in my functional and comfy glasses! It's still a sport, not a fashion show ;-)