Monday, October 7, 2013

Filming RIDES: Virginia

On Saturday I got to do something pretty cool -- to be a part of the newest installment of the Endurance Films RIDES indoor cycling video series. These are on-screen coached bike trainer workouts that feature intervals and cadence work set on beautiful routes throughout the country. The series includes Florida, New York, Texas, Hill Country (KY/IN), North Carolina, Southern California, the Rockies, and Las Vegas. So rather than riding and staring at a wall in your house or watching reruns of Breaking Bad, you can actually experience varying topography and landscapes of the US. This one was filmed on my absolute favorite route, one that I have ridden and run on hundreds of times, so this project is really special to me!

We rode on behalf of Runwell, the Linda Quirk Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to helping those with drug or alcohol addiction utilize sports in their recovery.  We were outfitted with Runwell kits by Champion System, provide with helmets from Rudy Project, and sunglasses from XX2i. Solar Connexion provided lunch and Woods Family Heating and AC stocked our bottle holders. Ed Shepherd, one of our area Pro-Am cyclists, did a lot of the organizing and planning, and kept us all in sync on the workout.

We put in a full day and logged about 60 total miles for a workout that will be about 22 miles or one hour in duration. It was funny to see a tripod and camera poking out of the minivan sunroof, with Eric and Danny hanging out of the open hatchback to film us from the front. It was a lot of work to film us, and to be filmed!

This workout is NO JOKE. I was busting my butt and at one point after my partner Tim and I led two consecutive intervals, I had to drop off the back and recover. Some of the guys had pre-ridden the workout on trainers in advance and they said it was even tougher! This will definitely be a RIDE that will push you and help you to grow! (This should be available around Thanksgiving at Endurance Films for holiday gift orders.)

The morning after filming, I slept in until 7:30 am. That is extremely unusual for me, so that tells you something. After breakfast, I was out the door for a 2-1/2 hour brick workout. It was a great weekend of cycling and running, but I am glad now for a day off.

Scenes from the day:

This is my first Rudy Project helmet, and I have to say, I am pretty delighted with how comfy it is.
It's officially my new road helmet. And the Runwell kits included bib shorts which I had not ridden in before, but I like them!!

Laura and Ed during our mid-way lunch break to refuel and rehydrate on an unseasonably hot day.

Thanks to fellow riders Ed, Gordon, Tim, Emily, Rick, Tyler (who is only 12!!), and Laura.

Bryan brought a replacement rear wheel for Ed. He was the unofficial SAG wagon!

Tim wore a helmet cam for part of the ride to give a real riders perspective.

The final regrouping before the last few cooldown miles.