Monday, June 3, 2013

Race Report: Salem YMCA Sprint Tri - 3rd female

Yesterday I raced in the third Salem YMCA Sprint Triathlon, finishing third among women, with my parents Donna and Ted there to cheer me on!
The race was won by 20-year-old Kate Buss who was the 2011 Junior Duathlete of the Year and is now running collegiately. In second was 14-year-old Grace Obando, who had nearly two minutes on me and a very speedy swim! Their combined ages were twelve years less than mine! Once again, I felt very fortunate to be on the overall podium in a race that was not big but had some real talent.

Leg 2013 Time 2013 Rank 2012 Time
Swim - 300y 05:21 12/58 5:20
T1 00:31 4/58 00:44
Bike - 15k 25:15 2/58 24:23
T2 00:41 11/58 00:37
Run - 5k 21:39 3/58 20:44
Overall 53:25 3/58 51:46

Complete results here.

My time was fast enough to be 9th overall out of 164 competitors (both male and female) but it was off - over a minute and a half - from last year. I'm not going to over analyze that especially given the week I had leading into this but it's good motivation and fuel for my training moving forward :-)

I really REALLY enjoyed this hometown race! My husband and parents came to watch (while the kids opted out and slept instead). It's really spectator friendly and the weather was about as perfect as can be.

I really don't have a lot to say about the race itself. I thought my swim felt ON and fast with solid open turns, nothing dumb, no logjams, and a good focus on turnover. My swim time didn't really show that.

swim start (photo by Brandie Bailey)

The bike felt OK but my left quad was giving me some grief from the get-go and I was a little worried it was going to cause problems on the run. I backed off a little from time to time, pedaling more with my right leg, hoping a little break might take care of it. With the time trial swim start, and a nearly two minute break between me and the swimmer before me, there were not too many people to chase down on the bike course.

into T2 (photo by Brandie Bailey)

The run was fine. It's a hilly two loop course with an out-and-back section with a LOT of great cheering :-) [thanks Tim K. at the turnaround!] By the second time around when I hit the uphill section my engine was starting to sputter a bit. My friend Edie and husband Robert were yelling for me to kick it into gear in the final quarter and I gave it what I had left. I finished strong and had the post-race rehash with friends before meeting up with my parents.

 run time! (photo by Kimberly Arbouw)

Crossing the finish! (photo by Brandie Bailey)
I enjoy my friendly rivalries, particularly with reporter Mark Taylor. No opportunities for teasing in either direction are wasted! At one point the results showed that he had bested me by 12 seconds and Mark was quick to let me know. Then the results were updated or corrected and it appeared I had beaten him by 20 seconds. Ahhh, maybe next time, Mark. Maybe!!

Granted, Mark *is* training for IM Lake Placid
and not sprints and he *did* ride his older/heavier
steel bike for this race. But still....

Coach Jim's parents were there too and able to see him finish 3rd among the men (@ age 50).

  Coach Jim receiving his award! (photo by Brandie Bailey)

 my (empty) beer mug award (later remedied) (photo by Kimberly Arbouw)

 I love the post-race roundup! (photo by Brandie Bailey)

My friend Betsy Henderson was the bike sweep on her fixie. Mike Morris and John Gregory stopped by the race after their 83 mile bike ride while friend Donna was still out to get to the 100 mile mark in prep for her IM! Betsy, Mike, John, and Donna are all multi-time Team USA members and Mike has done 200+ triathlons! This is the all-star group!
 Betsy, Mike and John

It was a busy weekend for racing. I'd like to give a little shout-out to my friend Scott Moir who finished 2nd in his age group out of 123 at IM 70.3 Raleigh! It's always exciting when a friend can put together that near perfect race that does justice to their talent and hard-work. Congratulations, Scott!!!

As for me, I'm just happy that school is out, the weather is finally decent, the outdoor pool is open, the house is in good order from the spring cleaning binge, and I am feeling better. Let the new summer routine and summer training begin!

Thanks again, mom and dad, for coming to visit. Thanks Coach Jim as always for the direction, guidance, and encouragement!!