Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Training tapers, life fills in

Just a quick blog check-in. As I reported on Facebook, "Training has tapered, but life has a funny way of filling in all the available time." Days are just as full, but I am successfully getting to bed earlier (mostly).
Saturday I had the final "middling" run of just under 12 miles, including a startling encounter with a snake crossing the asphalt path in front of me. Yeehaw that woke me up! Interesting how when the brain knows the long runs are done, a 1:35 run can once again seem long. I found myself thinking am I really doing more than twice this on April 15??

Sunday was an easy hour spin on the back roads under a sunny sky and this week it's just a few short runs (with some quality of course, it's taper week, not slacker week) and one low key swim.

The long range forecast looks great! Please, no warmer!


Last Thursday we got to enjoy an unexpected April 4 snowstorm that left 5" on the ground. It melted the next day and was 70 degrees two days after that. Crazy weather!!

Work projects and kid projects have been keeping me busy.

I've been watching the cultures grow in Spencer's science fair petri dishes. He swabbed public keyboards at the local library, the Virginia Tech library, and at home. Things are growing, but we're still trying to figure out what to make of it all.

I've been enjoying quartet rehearsal and receive the benefit of listening to the at-home practice too.

And I've been helping with the start of the third year of "Grant's Plants."

So who has time to obsess about a long run in Boston? Not me...since it's just that. A long run where (1) I don't have to carry my own water (2) I don't have to plan the route and (3) I won't have the chance to get lonely or bored with 20,000+ running friends out there. Pretty cool!