Monday, November 26, 2012

Confirmed: I'm a short-course girl

photo at top of a steep mid-ride climb
I set out to hit a new bike distance PR; my previous best long ride was 60 miles with a small group. Yesterday I did 71 solo. It was nice and fun and all that, but honestly right now I cannot see enjoying a century ride or a 112-mile iron-distance ride (followed by a marathon). I would not have had more fun, and truthfully less, had I gone 29 (century) or 41 (IM) additional miles. I was very happy to get home and park the bike in the garage.

Granted it was a hilly course (6000+ feet of elevation gain; see below), and bumpy (aluminum road bike), and it didn't help that I drove 450 miles the day before.

I'm just a short course girl at this time of life and make no apologies. I just don't have the desire or attention span for more (or time to train for more). I like to train for the short, fast, all-out races. That's plenty of thrill for me.

I have tremendous respect for my friends who have done or will do Ironman or iron-distance races. This short-course girl will be cheering you on and will remain in awe of what you accomplish!

Maybe when the kids are off to college....