Thursday, October 4, 2012

The napping house

I do not know what has come over me and these other people I live with in this house. There's been a ridiculous amount of napping, sleeping in, and general malaise. Tuesday my head felt awful and I headed off to our family doc who went with classic sinus infection. Yay! This after I told a reporter that I "never get sick". That will teach me to tempt fate.

Tuesday I had one kid home, Wednesday I had two. Look how "ill" they are as they play Xbox!!

In has moved Hypnos, god of sleep. Creepy!!

My usual 5-6 hours of sleep have become 8. Coach Jim changed my training plan to two days of "Couch Day - Medical Leave". I didn't know "Couch" was a workout category on Training Peaks.

Today the kids only had a half-day of school. I never saw or heard my older son come home, and after a while I called the school looking for him, only to discover he was sound asleep in his bed!! Nice "mom move" there!

So I'm not my normal energizer rabbit self. None of us are. Today I hit a mid-day wall but dragged my butt out for a short brick. I had to find out what I had. Miraculously, I went on autopilot during, and felt much better afterward. I think I will be OK.

I figure if I'm 80% or better, I'm racing Saturday. 75% or less, I will pull the plug. I reserve the right to round UP.

Timothy O'Donnell, in his post-Kona blog last year when he was not feeling well headed into the race, said he hung onto some words from his coach, "You don't have to feel good to swim fast." Of course, he had to pull out following the bike phase, covered in vomit, but that's neither here nor there.

I won't jeopardize my big race, and I really don't think this will, but at the same time, it's hard to be 100% for every race so why not just see how it unfolds.