Saturday, March 3, 2012


With advancing age and experience comes much wisdom. You know, the kind of things you won't read about in books, like today's gem that I will share with you:
If the first stretch of your bike ride is down a good hill, if you then ride down with your butt up off the saddle for no good reason, and if you have elected to use Chamois butter with witch hazel and menthol on windy a day in the 40's, be prepared for a shocking dose of freezer burn when your buns return to the saddle.

And that concludes today's lesson.

Other than that, it was a glorious 40 mile bike ride through the back roads of rural southwest Virginia under a near cloudless sky. I'm always amazed by the sights around here - tractors back on the roads; a field full of sheep and one donkey, old barns and homesteads, and sure signs of the return of spring! Nice to see my One-on-One Endurance compadre John out there finishing up his 3-hour bike ride and to share a few miles with him.