Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Subtle clues you might be in the home of a triathlete

Triathletes are an understated, quiet, and reserved group (hahaHAHAHA!!). Thus, it can be very difficult to determine if you are in the home of a fellow triathlete, where it is safe to bring up such topics as chamois butter, goggle fit, or the controversial issue of electrolytes. Here are just a few clues to help with that determination.

large collections of running caps and swimsuits 

unusual items plugged into a computer like goggles (iPod affixed)

hoarded nut butters and special powders

rolling devices of all sizes and shapes, magic healing gels, special water bottles

bike as furniture

large random numbers, found hung together in no obvious order

running shoes. and more running shoes.

wheels in odd locations

Any other clues?