Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bench Press Meet

Today was the second year I did the VT bench press meet. It's not sanctioned, but always nice to do a competition of any sort close to home and it doesn't get much closer than the VT War Memorial Gym (heck, it's like home, remember I have the locker and towel service there!). I've been working toward this since last year, but with a particular focus for several months. Last year I got all three lifts and maxed out at 120.

This year I opened at 120 and got that handily. I missed my second attempt, which was 130, because I pushed forward instead of back. But I bounced back and got 130 on my third attempt. I was happy and satisfied.

While the adrenaline of a meet helps, it's offset by the disruption in the normal routine and flow of a bench workout in the home gym. I like the fact that Jake and I have established a system in the gym with consistent warmups, liftoffs, processes - everything the same. He pushed that and now I'm glad. At a meet, there is so much chaos especially in the warmup area, that it's nice to have that plan nailed down and agreed upon.

My missed second attempt was the same kind of miss I had at the December meet. I'm wondering if I'm somehow getting extra arch in my back or extra coil that I'm not prepared for and it's throwing me off, causing me to push forward rather than back. Anyhow, it's something I need to consider.

On the drive over to the gym I was thinking about all I had done to prepare. I ate in a specific way this week. This morning I warmed up on the bike at home, had a shower, stretched out. I visualized how I wanted to feel. Had I done enough? Had I done it all right? Had I missed some crucial step? Then it occurred to me that success comes from the work done in the gym. Stop focusing on the externals, and focus on what *I* have been training to do! Then just do it. No excuses!

Oh, and my inspiration for next year? The senior citizen lady who benched 205!! YES, 205!! It was with a bench shirt, but still, dang impressive. So I figure I have room to improve :-)

Addendum: awarded top placing among women and $50!! Woo hoo!