Thursday, October 1, 2009

My car tells the story

Among the things with a permanent (or seasonal) home in my car are:
  • two stainless steel Nathan water bottles
  • large canister of Extend (branched chain amino acids for during/after workouts)
  • two iPods (one of podcasts, one of music)
  • spare car key with safety pin for use in running shorts
  • heart rate chest strap
  • running watch
  • towels for the gym
  • two pairs of running gloves
  • hat, ear warmers, scarf for when it gets really cold
  • arm warmers
  • calf compression sleeves for post-run shin issues
  • hydration belt with 22oz water bottle and pepper spray (just in case)
  • ibuprofen
  • bandaids
  • ziplock bags for icing body parts
  • lip balm
  • wrestling shoes (for deadlifts)
  • belt (for deadlifts)
  • gym bag with PINK lifting straps, small thing of chalk, gym passes
  • extra swim things - cap, goggles, etc
  • copies of weekly workout programs for me and for Spencer
  • assorted kid Clif Z bars in the storage drawer under the passenger seat