Sunday, October 11, 2009

Homecoming 5K

Today was the Homecoming 5K. Grant ran in the 1-mile Fun Run with me alongside. He finished in a very respectable 9:38! Spencer ran in the 5K with our trainer Jake and he managed a strong race and is inspired to continue training and push things to the next level. I'm really proud of both kids!! It was a beautiful day, and that is such a fun, low-key race with maybe just 150 people in total. All the speedy women must have stayed home today since I pulled off the win for overall fastest woman with a 21:27. I was happy - first time I broke a 7:00 pace in a 5K. It earned me sufficient winnings to pay for a nice lunch for us all afterward!! Here's the VIDEO.

I have to admit it was REALLY fun to look up ahead and see it was only BOYS ahead of me! They inspired me and helped me turn the screws a little tighter. Jake reminded me to "run your own race" but even so I guess I got caught up in it all and went out too fast with a 6:25 first mile and a 7:25 last mile. Oops. Great day and fun to see Spencer getting excited about running too!!

Jake and some of his clients