Monday, June 8, 2009

Swimming homework from Jim

And why does he refer to my "desire to kick" I wonder LOL!!!

Swim thoughts:

  • Chest pressed into the water!
  • Head down, but not looking back at all. Rotation is all on the long axis through the top of your head and out your bottom.
  • No crossing mid line with your stroke.
  • Slow stroke down!

  • 1 arm swimming…other arm stays out front.
  • Catch up drill…one arm at a time, other waits.
  • Swim golf…50 time in seconds + total number of strokes. 90 is probably your base, 80 when you pay attention…now get it down into the low 70’s consistently!
  • Kicking on your back (didn’t do this one but it’s good for you and your desire to kick). Laying on back, hands over head…biceps touching ears, breath normally, flutter kick all the way down the lane…short, quick, fluttery kicking.

Workout format:
  • 5+/- min. warmup (mixed stroke ideally)
  • 10 minutes of drills
  • 10-15 minutes of other swimming (intervals, playing with swim golf, continuous swim, etc.)
  • 5+/- min. cooldown