Friday, June 5, 2009

Got a bike!

Here's my new bike that I got yesterday! It's a gently used 2008 Jamis Ventura, that I had to name "Ace" (as in Ace Ventura Pet Detective with Jim Carey). I was unexpectedly completely sprung from the boot yesterday so was able to take the bike on a 30 minute spin through the Tom's Creek basin area. It was a good test because it was pretty hilly. I'm only very slightly sore in the quads today.

With all systems seemingly a-go, I signed up for that Lake Norman triathlon August 23. I do think it will be a fun summer goal and should keep me out of trouble (somewhat).

The weather has kept me from the pool for a few days and I'm anxious to get back in and try what I learned in a swim consultation with Jim McGehee, a triathlon and endurance coach.

Things at the gym are going pretty well and I'm so glad I was able to continue training there throughout this recovery. I made some definitely gains over the last two months that I hope will enhance my running and other activities.

In two weeks I'll be clear to start running again. The leg still feels "off" so I hope by then not to even notice it anymore.