Sunday, November 2, 2008

Held strong through the party

I took my bag of healthy snacks and my water bottle and did manage to resist all sweets at the party. I had probably 6 single-bite appetizers there in all so I will call that a win! And the next day it paid off. I ran about 10 miles and felt pretty good. Considering it's been just a week since the 15 miles, I'd have to say my body seems to be finally adjusting a bit. Next Saturday I have a 14 mile run, then that's it for the long ones for a while. I'm thinking that in the "off season" I want to continue to do longer Saturday runs, maybe in some sort of shorter/medium/longer pattern like 8/10/12 or 6/9/12 depending on the weather and road conditions of course. I want to maintain what I have built up so when the training cycle starts I am mentally rested and physically ready to pick it up where I left off!