Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Recharged for the New Year!

I am back from a MUCH-needed general break from the busy-ness of life - and that included a short hiatus from the blog. I was feeling pretty fried from a high-paced year that included a number of extra little stresses along the way. I was also a little burned out on the computer.

Some time away from structured training plus the fun of the holidays and a 2500 mile family road trip to Florida reset me for 2015. Yesterday was my first day back on Coach Jim's training program and I was ready.

Two months without a coaching plan didn't mean I didn't keep active. Here's a few things I've been up to:

Group swims and the 12 Days of Christmas Workout with Coach Tom

Janet (front) and I knocked out a 4000y workout on Tuesday that we were pretty proud of! 

Runabout Sports Frosty 5K 

 ended up being Frosty 3-miler due to course change because of mud.

With Sarah Langlinais and Marcia Wright

Christmas with family

 The annual Christmas Eve gathering at Oma's house.

awwww! Saki liked her presents!

2500 mile family road trip from Virginia to Key West and back

Stopped at the Kennedy Space Center and spent two nights at Cocoa Beach 

Seeing the Space Shuttle Atlantis in person was really incredible.
Amazing what mankind can do. 

Swimming in the saltwater pool with Spencer our first night
in the Florida Keys (Islamorada) 

Completed Runabout Sports December 100 mile challenge!
finished the 100 miles total (plus an extra mile)
at the Southernmost Point in Key West, FL!

Incredible snorkeling on the coral reefs of the Keys - at Alligator Lighthouse. 
Pictured with Grant who switched to goggles at this point. 

Got a fair amount of relaxing in...and read two awesome books -
'The Art of Racing in the Rain' and 'Without You There is No Us'.

Listened to 'Serial' and 'Food' with family along with other assorted podcasts. 

 Kayaked on the Turner River in the Everglades. 
There's no way an airboat could top this experience.

Swam with Grant in the Gulf off Sanibel Island and saw two dolphins swim very close by!
(and I freaked out a little)

Collected shells (well, Robert and Spencer did most of this)

Ate a lot of local seafood. Mmmmm!

And thus begins 2015!

Yesterday was a swim and a benchmark run in very cold temps that necessitated a scarf!! 
94 days until the first race of the season. 

Are you feeling recharged and ready?? I hope so! Let's do this!