Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day and a half to go

I leave tomorrow morning for the marathon. It's been a tough week - rainy and cold - and I'm off my normal schedule of things that I thrive on. I haven't been in the gym or pool since Tuesday and my few runs have been really short (and wet). My meals have been predetermined, and can you tell I'm feeling a little cranky?

Probably the biggest thing on my mind right now is my knee. It's not 100% recovered from that fall three weeks ago. There's a really sore spot on one bony prominence and it's not perfect when I run. I am just hoping and praying it holds up as I expect it too.

My energy levels have been really low too which is frustrating. I think it's a combination of lack of exercise, crappy weather, impatience, sitting around doing computer work, and maybe even too much sleep?

I feel as though I am not feeling the way I should, but then I realize I don't even know how I *should* feel. I can't let my brain play tricks on me, I've felt way worse in the past and hit good runs.

I have so many mental motivators, let's hope I remember them.
  • The pain of meeting my goals will be less than the pain of not.
  • There is no tomorrow on this marathon, I need to hit it then and there.
  • Don't expect to cruise through this. It'll be hard work, maybe not turning the screws quite as tight, but maintaining it much longer.
  • The weak link is the brain when it gets bored. Counter the negative messages.
  • Be a machine, just go. Keep the rhythm. Ride out the tough times, they never last more than a few minutes.
  • Keep everything relaxed, minimize effort.
  • Compared to the terrain of the training runs and the trail race, this should be much easier.
  • Run right where I am, not thinking even three feet ahead. Stay within myself.
  • Run one mile at a time. Settle in and don't start thinking it's over until it's over.
  • Be grateful for the struggle; I'm blessed to have this opportunity, the physical ability to do it, generous help and support, nourishing food, good shoes, and a lot of LOVE backing me up.
  • I'd rather be running for 3-1/2 hours than sitting in a meeting or waiting for a plane that long. Heck, I couldn't begin to sit through a movie that long.
  • I can run twice as far as I think I can.
  • I've sacrificed things to get here, and so has my family.
  • The first 10 miles are the warm-up, the next 10 are the working set, and the last 6 are where I will really grow.
  • I've paid my dues and done the work - see entry on Mental Toughness
  • Think how great it will be to run in Boston.
  • Ironmen run marathons AFTER major swims and bike rides, so surely I can just do the marathon.
  • People run 50 and 100 mile races in all kinds of grueling conditions, surely I can do 26.
  • Enjoy the sensations, after all, "running is a dance that covers distance."
  • This is a celebration of months of prep, a year really.
  • This is the first of many marathons so finish happy, finish wanting more.