Thursday, May 11, 2017

Smith Mountain Lake Sprint Tri: Lessons Learned

I enjoyed my seventh go at the Appalachian Power Smith Mountain Lake Triathlon, despite cold, blustery conditions and grey skies! I finished third overall and was pretty pleased with my effort (but I'd always like to be faster ;-)

Here's my short and delayed race report as I spent the early part of the week getting final grades in. (Done!! YAY!!!! Great job by my students!!)

Lessons learned:
  • Swim faster.
  • Then swim faster than that.
- OR -
  • Go back in time and join swim team at age 6 and never quit.
I had my typical race where I lag in the swim, then make up as much as I can on the bike and run. I was a full four minutes slower than race winner Anna on the swim, and two and a half minutes behind Krystina in second. Ouch!

It's tough being an adult onset swimmer, but I do enjoy swimming. We were met with some unexpected choppy water for the middle third of the swim that left me feeling dizzy as I got out of the water but I still managed a decent T1. My most excellent sherpa reported there were about 11 women ahead of me as I exited (one must have snuck by him). For me, that's not a bad position coming out of the swim.

(photo by Bill Huckle)

As I do for EVERY cool weather race, I agonize about whether to add a layer for the bike. I didn't, and I was fine. As always. It's amazing that on a training day I'd need a few layers to cycle comfortably in those temps, but thanks to the "magic" of race day, I was fine in just a tri suit. I got right to work catching folks and had a great time on the bike!

Off on the 5K I went, feeling good. I got an updated report that I was in third, and got encouragement to "catch second who was 300m ahead." That's hard to make up on a 5K but I did what I could to put time into second. I maintained my position, finishing third - 38s behind fellow Blacksburg triathlete Krystina Stadler. [Complete results here,]

(photo by Bill Huckle)

It's hard not to think of where I might have found those 38s, but then again, she could have found 38s more herself! Congrats to Anna and Krystina, as well as Kristen Chang who finished 4th with the day's best run split. 

(photo by Bill Huckle)

Thanks to Mike Morris for being a part of the SML Sprint Tri for all of its 20 years! We love this race and energy and personality he has brought to the sport. It was great to see you back out on the course!

Love the Roanoke Tri Club and appreciate that they allow us Blacksburg-ians to be a part of it (even though I missed this group photo)

Some of the Blacksburg One-on-One Endurance contingent - Tanya, Kristen, and Coach Jim!
This is what it's all about!