Sunday, May 1, 2016

Just when you think your "training" is a "trainwreck"...

It's no secret that training has been tough this year. I have included things like "trainwreck" and "salvage operation" and "did what I could" in many of my post-activity comments.

But every day I wake up and give it my best because I know that consistency and persistence count for a lot.

Well one of the things I love about training is that just when you think it's a hopeless disaster (allow me just a bit of drama queen, thank you), the "training gods" can throw you a curve ball of great training results. Which I got this weekend, and very much needed for my confidence.

Mentally I felt strong, and had none of the negative brain chatter telling me (over and over) to quit. My mind was clear and relaxed. I got out of my own way and let my fitness and experience take over.

I'm super proud of myself for a solo 60 miles at 21.3 mph followed by a short but solid brick run. Then today I ran 12.6 miles with a negative split and positive outlook! Both days I finished feeling good and not trashed. The endurance is there, now I know the mindset I need to be successful.

This is just my PSA that if you are in a plateau, a rut, a tough spot - stick it out. The rewards come to those who persevere and push through. No, this wasn't a race. But it was a victory that was no less important.