Friday, December 4, 2015

Bontrager Travel Charger Floor (Tire/Tyre) Pump

One of the most important pieces of cycling gear is a good tire pump. Most of them are clunky and geometrically awkward thus not well suited to packing into a bike box, transition bag, or a cramped car. Bontrager has a great solution with its Travel Charger Floor Pump.

I will give full credit for this "find" to pro triathlete/multiple IM 70.3 champ Lauren Goss.

After some debate, I bought one this summer and I'm so glad I did. At just 18" in length, it easily packs into any bag, yet as Lauren points out, it works as well, or better than, a standard sized floor pump. 

shown with its carrying bag

You can see from the top photo that its compact design unfolds to reveal a stabilizing foot, a comfortable top handle, and a hose that fits easily and securely on the valve stem. (More easily and securely than my large pump.)

My only issue with it is that at 1/2", the built-in pressure gauge was not necessarily designed with the eyesight of the over-40 crowd in mind. At times I've had to use the flashlight on my phone to read it. 

It was a very worthwhile investment (and yes, I paid full price and was in no way compensated for or asked to do this review). 

If you need to travel with a tire (or as the British would say, "tyre") pump, the Bontrager Travel Charger Floor Pump is worthy of serious consideration. 

It would make a great gift for that favorite traveling triathlete or cyclist in your life!