Monday, June 22, 2015

On the Color Pink

Pink Vignette #1 - The Swim Cap

At last weekend's race, my all-female swim wave, one of only four swim waves, was assigned pink swim caps. I don't have anything against pink per-se, and I appreciate that it has a lot of symbolism and meaning, but I resent the fact that so often it is the defacto "girl color." No one like assumptions made about them, right?

So perhaps I fussed a lot bit when I was handed my pink swim cap. I was told I was not the only one who grumbled.

I thought about taking a black Sharpie to it.

Only once in my years of racing have I seen a men's swim wave wear pink. So I'm not saying it never happens, I'm just saying it's far from a chance assignment. It's surely not 50% of the time. The color assignment should be a little more random.

Pink Vignette #2 - The Cycling Shoe

My other recent pink-is-for-girls situation involves the Shimano Tri shoe that I've been wearing for years. I bought my original pair in 2009 and one replacement pair a few years ago. They have some subtle green and yellow accents, and are fairly androgynous-looking shoes.

When it was brought to my attention that the ever increasing "fragrance" of my shoes was no longer appreciated, I looked to replace them. (Scrubbing only goes so far. Ten minutes baking in a hot car and hoooo-weeee omg.)

I'm only sorry this is not a scratch-and-sniff blog so you could 
enjoy the full-bodied aroma

It turns out the newer model of my shoe has pink accents (no other options). There is just no way I could wear those and feel good about them. Again, just my personal preference like I would not choose to wear brown cycling shoes or gold shoes. I just don't understand why if a company is making a product in only one color, with no other choices, why they would opt only for pink.
So I went on a hunt for the old model Shimano shoe, the same ones I had, and found probably the last remaining pair in my size in the universe at A1 Cyclery in Indianapolis. Yay! Otherwise I would have been looking for a new brand of shoe. And we all know how much I love change!!

Pink Vignette #3 -The Wetsuit

Last winter I noticed that XTERRA proudly announced the following regarding their 2015 line of wetsuits:
"First and foremost we have given our suits a complete makeover! The color highlights will now be gender specific - the men's Vortex suits will have brighter and bolder yellow, while the women's Vortex will have teal green highlights. The men's Vector Pro is now fire engine red, and the women's Vector Pro is now magenta."
Gender specific colors? Who decided this was good marketing? I mean, pick whatever colors but then just leave it alone. Why even call yourself out there and say "gender-specific"?

Safe to say I will never buy this model wetsuit.

Pink Vignette #4 - Things I like because I chose them

Lest you think I am totally anti-pink, I am not! I just don't like it being the only choice. Here are some pink things I happen to love - two sparkly pink swim suits, my pink Suck it Up Buttercup shirt, and my pink and black lifting straps that help me to crank out the pull ups. No assumptions there!

I hope all you tri equipment manufacturers are reading this. Pink is fine as an option, but not great as the only choice.

Now excuse me...I have to go and polish my tiara.