Monday, April 6, 2015

Race Week! The week I wonder if I know what I am doing?!

It's officially race week for my 41st triathlon (if you want to get was an Aquathlon). You'd think I'd have the hang of this thing by now and be like YAWN...another day at the office! But no, it's more like do I really know how to do this? Do I know how to work hard? Will I remember how to swim? And get on my bike? And make my feet go fast??!

Weather report is projecting low of 63, high of 78, maybe some rain, but I'll take that over 40's and 50s'!!

I feel good about how winter training has gone. I've been consistent and motivated, but then last week suddenly I did not feel great. I was super tired (like uncontrollable napping tired) especially early in the week and I even skipped a swim for extra sleep. I HATE when my energy is low. With nothing specific really "wrong", I opted to dial back my workouts a bit and focus on sleep hoping things would pass. It seems they have. I went on a major spring house cleaning/purging binge Saturday and Sunday which is a sure sign of extra energy.

Good thing I bounced back because I had my first double-brick (bike-run-bike-run) of the year on Sunday, moved by request to the warmer Easter Sunday in the hopes of a tri suit dress rehearsal. Spring has been slow to arrive around here. I was still cycling in a headband, thermal jersey, and long tights on Saturday (pic at top). Sunday started in the 30's but got to the high 50's by the time I headed out around noon so I was good.

Roo had gotten a thorough tune-up and cleaning (thanks East Coasters and Solar Connexion).

The workout took up most of my arm.

All went according to plan with the exception of the unscheduled rest stop courtesy of Norfolk Southern. Fortunately, it was just 10 minutes into the aerobic part of my first ride.

Lots of time for taking photos...but only one backdrop!

I love trains though - the sounds and vibrations and just watching them move along. Some day I want to take a long train trip out west. 

I'm looking forward to a lower volume training week and a new-to-me race with my friend and lane-mate Janet and her daughter Kate. 

Have a great week!