Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I broke up with my goggles.

 pictured with swim mentor Laura 
and the Swedish goggles that are new in the mix.
Water is NOT normally murky, a motor went out overnight.

Dear Goggles,

After a five year relationship, built on trust, comfort, and water-tight dependability, the time has come for me to move on.

No, it's NOT me. It's YOU.

You've changed. I see the small differences. I see how suddenly this year you decided to "improve" - strap holders are different, you don't fit the same. Maybe it was to shave some costs. Maybe you didn't think I'd notice.


You're a little leaky now. But a little is too much. The goggle marks are worse. The strap loosens. The gaskets have changed. I'm just not comfortable with you now. The trust we built over the years is gone.

I haven't replaced you yet. I'm still kind of grieving and I'm not in any hurry to commit. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll have a "training" goggle and a "racing" goggle, different tints...maybe get all crazy and go mirrored!

But yes, it's true. I am sort of seeing a Swedish pair. It was a setup. Speedy Ironman Laura from swim group was like "hey I'm ordering Swedish goggles, want some?" and I was like "sure whatever" and a week later there they were (top photo). I figured if the time together was bad I'd find some excuse and duck out of them after the warmup laps, but things went better than I expected. We are still together, but it's casual, and not like I'm ready to race with them. I'll just see where it goes.

Meanwhile, I'm still open to others.
Triathlete seeking swim goggle partner. Must be trustworthy, comfortable, dependable, like to race and go fast, and above all, prevent leaks. Minimal goggle eyes a plus. 

P.S. I'm not naming names of my goggles, because we did have five good years together. Lots of wonderful times and adventures. And probably for plenty of other people, it's still a wonderful match even with the manufacturing and design changes. Just not for me. Sniff. sniff.....