Monday, October 6, 2014

Emoticons Translated for the Workout Log

After 5+ years of logging workouts on Training Peaks it occurred to me that it should include an emoticon option for the comments sections. Think how much typing we could all save with these handy shortcuts that convey universal meanings from athlete to coach!

Here are some examples of emoticons translated:

Very good workout, went according to plan, all systems go, feeling good!
Much suffering.
Total panic meltdown and massive doubts regarding upcoming race. Please call with reassurance and coachly perspective.
Could not hit those paces/intervals/times. Do you have me confused with somebody faster?
Did not hydrate enough.
I got distracted and forgot to pay attention to what I was supposed to do.
Complete disregard for entire workout plan. Had a LOT of fun doing something entirely different.
OMG VERY hard workout, thought I would for sure die/pass out/vomit!
Slept through master's swim practice. But I needed the sleep. Really. 
The new GU flavor was NOT a hit.
That was one bad a$$ workout, thank you very much!
Drank too much last night.
GI problems.
Worthy of a celebration.
OH! Was I supposed to do ALL those things?
Fuming. Currently not loving this sport.
I love this sport so much!
That went well. 
Perfect execution. Exact precision on every single interval. 
Lost track of the number of laps on that set. And the time. Got nothing for you. Sorry.
Gold star workout.
Ummmm....notice anything? Hmm? Like a GIANT PR on that?

And that's just the start! What would you add?