Thursday, August 23, 2012

USA Triathlon Nationals - Photo Recap, Video Highlights

The photos below are from the Endurance Films Racing Team image site. Some are from the HD footage Eric and Danny (of EF) captured and others are stills, but a few of these just really make me laugh. Triathlon is NOT a glamorous sport! The last bit of the run I am always wishing someone would hand me a towel for my snot-and-sweat encrusted face.

It's a lot of me-me-me (which I've personally had about enough of) but I did want to archive these, and my parents will appreciate it :-)

Endurance Films put together two awesome highlight videos of both the Olympic and Sprint distance races that do a great job of capturing the energy and intensity of USAT Age Group Nationals. I have quick appearances in both. They actually shot, edited, and screened the Olympic one all within less than 10 hours, showing it at the 5 pm awards ceremony! Eric and Danny embody endurance, they work very hard.