Saturday, February 6, 2010

Triathlon Podcasts

I discovered some great sources of regular triathlon podcasts - and not just cheesy amateur ones either!

David Warden hosts Tri Talk ( In the first episode I listened to, he was addressing research related to angle of body rotation in the swim and its relationship to cadence and speed. As one who teaches students to refer to primary peer-reviewed research AND to be judicious in the interpretation of it, I got really excited that he was pulling in this ground-level research!

The Simon Gowen Triathlon Show ( is out of LA and is very professionally done. This show features interviews with coaches and athletes. The first podcast I heard was about training quality over quantity and the importance of arriving to a race rested and ready and not tired and depleted. Quite a number of points hit home with me.

The third set of podcasts relate to swimming specifically, by coach Kevin Koskella ( These are short and focused on specific issues (e.g. breathing, or kicking) but you could hear where segments were pieced together and it was a little distracting. I listened to this while running which was a mistake because I couldn't concentrate enough to get the most out of it.