Monday, January 5, 2009

WOW! What a run!

OK, I'm kidding.

I had just enough time (I thought) to get in a run before picking the kids up from school. I took a new route and underestimated the amount of time it would take to loop back to my car. Panic began to set in as I seriously considered hitchhiking back to my car...but as luck would have it, I was on campus and ran into a faculty member I know who was walking to her car and she gave me a lift for the final mile. Gotta love small towns. Oh, but the good run part. My watch had been telling me I was averaging about an 8:15 pace, but when I looked later, it said I had averaged 7:15. WOW! I was pretty pleased for about one second until I realized that I hadn't stopped the lap timer and the pace included the part where I was in the car! Darn it!

Today was fun as the kids and I all went to the gym. Grant tried a Karate class where he was a superstar but said he hurt his back. I don't doubt it as he did everything with total exuberance and I can see how he could have wrenched it. I hope he'll go back. Meanwhile, Spencer rode the bike then he and I ran for two miles. I even got a few nice sprints in which felt simply amazing. Now if I can just get Robert to consider picking up some fitness habits, we'd all be moving in the right direction! Miracles can happen....